Sunday, June 7, 2009

This weekend's winner

Congratulations to the winner of the tabletop supply caddy this weekend, Julie Malinchak.
Thanks to all of you who stopped in to say hi and shop.  We sold out of all of the page kits, but if anyone is interested in one, I can make them up for you to order as long as I still have the paper. I'll be moving on to kits for other lines for next week.  

As someone suggested to me last weekend, if you want the kit without the title, I can just include a strip of cardstock for you to make your own title at home when you put the page together.  Just pre-order it that way and I'll have it put aside for you.  

I've included some pictures of our setup from this past weekend.

Our second weekend in June will be this coming weekend, June 12th & 13th.  I'll announce the weekend for July in the next week or two, but I'm probably only going to be able to do one weekend in July due to family commitments and the 4th falling on a Saturday.

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