Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks for a Great Day!

Thanks to all of you who attended the Fall Bash!  The comments I got were great and it sounds like a lot of you are interested in another event in the spring.

We raised $384 from our raffle/silent auction for the Million Moms Challenge...thank you so much for all of you who participated!

For those of you asking about the retreats, we have two spots left in our November weekend, please email me if you're interested.  You can find all of the pricing and timing details on the website, along with registration forms.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seating, Fall Bash

Keri, Lora & Marilyn
Robin, Lynn & Deb
Susan S, Barb & Karen K
Lois, Kim & Danielle
Terra,  Janet & Anne D
Emily, Kara & Heather
Stephanie,  Nicole & Becky
Sue, Barrie & Sheila S
Helen, Mindy & Debbie
Suzanne, Jan & Pat O
Kris & Jennifer
Sara,  Jenny & Kelly T
Patti C, Debbie B & Tricia
Danielle & Tracy M
Katya & Dani
Peggy & Debbie
Deborah & Leslie
Mary, Marla & Maria
Robin Bu,  Kathy W
Collene, Cindy,  Michelle M
Helen, Patty & Sabrina
Paulette, Teri, Mary Ellen, Jody, Shanna, Jennifer & Janice
Robin Be, Shannon, Lynn C,
Karen, Joanne, Dawn
Pat, Annemarie, Marijane
Mary Jo & Alicia
Ellen & Katie
Colleen Fo & Sue R
Bonnie & Melanie

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Samples for the Fall Bash

Here are some samples done with some of the new lines we'll have available at the Fall Bash.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Bash Confirmed List

The Fall Bash is just about full.  Today was the cut off for early bird pricing, so if I have already received your form and payment, your name is on this list.  Beginning tomorrow morning, I'll be starting a waiting list for any registrations that come in.  I know that several of you emailed me this weekend saying that it was just going in the mail... unfortunately, I just don't know at this point how many more we'll be able to take.   Hopefully, we can squeeze a few more cropping tables in amongst the other areas that we need for make n takes, prizes,  die cut center, cricut tables near the power sources, merchandise, raffles...and of course the buffet line.

I am going to physically measure the room and do a new layout with the groups that we have and go from there...give me a couple of days!  Thanks for your patience...

Those Officially Registered:

Keri, Lora & Marilyn
Robin, Lynn & Michele
Susan S, Barb & Karen K
Lois, Kim & Danielle
Terra & Janet
Emily, Kara & Heather
Stephanie & Nicole
Sue & Barrie
Helen, Mindy & Debbie
Suzanne & Jan
Kris & Jennifer
Sara & Jenny
Patti C & Debbie B
Shanna, Jennifer & Janice
Danielle & Tracy M
Katya & Dani
Peggy & Debbie
Deborah & Leslie
Mary, Marla & Maria
Shannon, Robin Be, Karen, Lynn C, Joanne, Dawn, Robin Bu, Kathy W
Collene, Brandi, Cindy, Pat, Annemarie, Marijane, Michelle
Anne D, Sheila S, Becky C, Helen P, Paulette, Mary Jo, Pat O, Ann, Liz, Tricia

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More samples for this fall's events

As I'm working on samples, I'm digging through decades of pictures to match the paper lines.  I often do samples without pictures but I'm not getting much personal scrapbooking done that way!
I'm starting to put together some samples for the Fall Bash...do you see a theme here with cooking and food...one of our favorite family activities.

New Bo Bunny Sweet Tooth

Here's one of my favorite new paper lines for the Fall Bash... how can you go wrong with Ice Cream and Cakes!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Bash, October 1st 2011 9 AM to p PM

Join us for our Fall Bash October 1st 9 AM to 9 PM at the Mendon Golf Club...let me know if you need a registration form...early bird discount is in effect until Labor DAy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Make N Take Variations

A couple of you ladies suggested putting out our differing versions of the make n take I gave you.  I love the idea and though we only got a peak at a few, it's fun to see the differences!

Runners Up in our page contest

Annemarie, Marilyn, Jackie and Debbie were the runners up in our spring retreat page contest

First place in the spring page contest!

Cindy's page got the most votes in our spring page contest

Spring Retreat Page Contest

Here are some of the winning pages from our Spring Retreat page contest

Retreat Group photos

Sunday, March 20, 2011