Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Bash Confirmed List

The Fall Bash is just about full.  Today was the cut off for early bird pricing, so if I have already received your form and payment, your name is on this list.  Beginning tomorrow morning, I'll be starting a waiting list for any registrations that come in.  I know that several of you emailed me this weekend saying that it was just going in the mail... unfortunately, I just don't know at this point how many more we'll be able to take.   Hopefully, we can squeeze a few more cropping tables in amongst the other areas that we need for make n takes, prizes,  die cut center, cricut tables near the power sources, merchandise, raffles...and of course the buffet line.

I am going to physically measure the room and do a new layout with the groups that we have and go from there...give me a couple of days!  Thanks for your patience...

Those Officially Registered:

Keri, Lora & Marilyn
Robin, Lynn & Michele
Susan S, Barb & Karen K
Lois, Kim & Danielle
Terra & Janet
Emily, Kara & Heather
Stephanie & Nicole
Sue & Barrie
Helen, Mindy & Debbie
Suzanne & Jan
Kris & Jennifer
Sara & Jenny
Patti C & Debbie B
Shanna, Jennifer & Janice
Danielle & Tracy M
Katya & Dani
Peggy & Debbie
Deborah & Leslie
Mary, Marla & Maria
Shannon, Robin Be, Karen, Lynn C, Joanne, Dawn, Robin Bu, Kathy W
Collene, Brandi, Cindy, Pat, Annemarie, Marijane, Michelle
Anne D, Sheila S, Becky C, Helen P, Paulette, Mary Jo, Pat O, Ann, Liz, Tricia

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