Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mini Store details

Oh, my, I hope that I haven't gotten your hopes up too high!  I have been overwhelmed with excited emails this week after my announcement.  My intent is to provide a source for cardstock with a few other goodies added each month.  I thought that if I made up kits, it might encourage those of you who haven't had time to scrapbook lately to put together a few easy pages once in awhile.  I've got the cardstock covered.  Obsessive as I am, I put together a spreadsheet with all of the colors I have so I'd know what I still need to order.  At this point, I've got over 300 colors to start with next week...49 of them are blue  ; )

I'll be set up in the corridor just outside of the Rite Aid store, at the west end of the mall.  It will be set up kind of like a show booth with tables for product.  If you've attended or stopped in to shop during one of our all day crops, it will be a similar setup, except in the hallway.  Since I don't have many racks left, cardstock will be sorted into crates by color.  I'm keeping the cardstock in the packages so that the colors are labeled and the individual sheets don't get damaged.  I'll ask you to save me the empty packaging so that I know what needs to be reordered.  I do have a few paper racks for the patterned paper which I will match to cardstock for you ahead of time so you don't have to dig through the crates.  I'll also have matching flowers, brads, etc for the lines that month.  If you want something special...punches, special adhesives, etc, I may be able to order them for you, but won't be stocking those things regularly.  Since I'll only be renting the space on the weekend, I need to bring everything from home, set up and tear down each time, so will stock product accordingly. 

Now, the most important thing for you to remember, I can't take credit or debit cards.  I have electric power to run the computer but not a phone line to run cards through, so can't offer that as an option.  I'm sorry, I know it's inconvenient.  I used to use my cards exclusively, but I will say that I have started to try to use cash or checks more so that I actually keep track of what I'm spending.

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