Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday's Crop

Here are some pictures from Saturday's crop.  I originally pulled my camera out early because I just had to get a picture of Meg with her yarn.  She drove three hours to spend time with her friends and crochet blankets, a true friend!  Unfortunately, I forgot to grab my camera the rest of the day, so I don't have pictures of everyone (some people were up and about or not there yet when I took pictures).

Between cropping fees and the silent auction, we raised over $1200 to go to Deb to help with her Bone Marrow transplant related expenses.  My thanks to all of you who helped...

Donating prizes for the silent auction
Donating Water and goodies for our sweets table
Helping set up tables and silent auction
Helping break down the tables and chairs & get the room back in order

I was out of the building by 9:15...which never would have happened without help!  This crop was truly a group effort by many people!

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  1. so nice to see some familiar faces. glad it went well.